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Nine Essential WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know Punch Newspapers

por Terry Souter (2020-12-09)

Girls WhatsApp Figures is not a new topic anymore. If you download videos in that case your WhatsApp utilization could indicate you quickly consume your data allowance. Go to the Settings tab and press your name at the top of the display to Edit Profile. You can press the Facebook connect to import your existing data from the cultural network (Facebook has WhatsApp, hence the simple integration) or get into details manually.

If you want to reply to specific communications in a discussion, then the easiest way to do so is by pushing down on that message and tapping on reply. This will show people in the talk that you are addressing a particular message by first linking compared to that message and then showing your answer it. Now you can do that in WhatsApp too. Select a chat with any contact or group, long-press on it, and tap Mark as Unread". You are able to do the opposite too-long-press a talk you haven't read and you'll see an option to Tag as Read", so it seems like you've read the message without ever opening the chat.

If you want to watch on how much data your phone is using, you can get a complete breakdown by going to the Settings display screen and going to Data Usage then Network Usage. This feature would be available in future for just about any Android user (and later for iOS users too) having Android Marshmallow and newer os's and a fingerprint sensor.

It can save you a great deal of internal storage space by turning off the feature that makes WhatsApp save any and all attachments to your iPhone. Even the ones that you haven't looked at. Simply go to WhatsApp > Configurations > Chats and disable the toggle tagged Save Incoming Press. Reading more about Downloads here. WhatsApp has added the choice to hide press from particular organizations in the gallery. Just open a WhatsApp group and tap on the group name to gain access to the option (as shown in the image). This technique won't remove already existing WhatsApp images in your gallery (you will need to delete them) and can hide new incoming media only.

Previously, text messages in WhatsApp had a single check next to them when these were sent from someone's mobile phone, and a double check when they successfully arrived at a recipient's phone. This didn't mean, however, that the recipient had actually read the message - something whatsapp espia even clarified on its official Twitter back 2012. But now, those double inspections will change blue once the message has been opened up.