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A late payment of credit card once may not disturb you much

por Samual Prada (2021-10-19)

A late payment of credit card once may not disturb you much. But, when it becomes a regularity, it does as dues mount with penalties and taxes. So what if you are an RBL Bank credit cardholder, you can't escape such charges on paying the bills later than the due date. With so much to take care of apart from bill payment, you can't afford such expenses. The solution, therefore, is to make RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment on time. And, when there are so many convenient modes available, a timely payment becomes that much easier. Let's just quickly run through those modes in this article.

RBL Credit Card Payment Through Debit Card

There are many payment gateways that would allow you to pay your card bills. You can thus visit one of those online and make a payment using your debit card, doesn't matter whether it's of RBL Bank or any other bank. You just need to enter RBL credit card number, your name, CVV number and choose 'Debit Card' from the payment options. Then, you need to enter your debit card number and its PIN to pay the bills. On a successful transaction, you will be intimated via an SMS.

Login to Net Banking to Pay Dues

Pay your dues by logging on to net banking. You can use the internet banking access to add the card to the biller's list by registering the details. Once added, you will receive an SMS of the same. Whenever RBL Bank generates your card bill, an SMS stating the bill amount and the due date will come to your mobile number. You can thus pay the bill on or before the due date. You can even register for Auto Pay, which means the bills would get paid automatically from your bank account. All these are applicable to Internet banking access of bank other than RBL. With RBL, though, the card details would already be shown on 'Credit Card' section while accessing the account online. All that you need to do from there is to enter the bill amount and pay the same.

Don't Adopt the Practice of Minimum Due Payment

Minimum due, which is calculated at around 5% of the overall outstanding balance, remains within one's ability to pay. And so, many just adopt the practice of minimum due payment. But the result that comes is nothing short of annoyance with the dues touching dangerous proportions. So shop in a way that would keep the overall bill amount at bay.

How Can You Ensure Bills Remain Affordable?

There are a few ways by which you can keep the bill affordable. Let's check out those below.

Know Your Spending Limit - Very few know their spending limit and as a result, overspend on the credit card only to make a timely payment a distant reality. So, check your income, expenses and make card spends accordingly. This will help you contain the bill and ensure a seamless payment experience.

Shop for Necessary Items - As an RBL Bank Credit Card empowers your purchasing power, you can shop for a barrage of items- some necessary and some not so. Make sure to shop for only necessary stuff and not go wild by buying those that can be done away with. This will not only help you fulfill your needs but also ensure the bills remain affordable.

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