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Power Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast

por SAMI ALEX (2020-06-22)

When wanting to lose weight fast there are certain power foods that can actually help to speed up metabolism, burn calories quicker, reduce storing of fats and speed up the elimination of fluids. They are also beneficial in providing increased levels of energy.

Apples as well as other raw fruits and vegetables are considered power foods because of the additional energy it takes to digest these types of foods. These foods typically have lower amounts of calories than it takes for the body to digest and process them. This means that including them in a weight loss plan will provide an additional way to burn calories easily. In addition, many fruits and vegetables such as citrus, watermelon and broccoli or cabbage help break down body fat, helping to flush it out of the body faster. Apples are also filled with pectin, which prevent absorption of fats and helps the body release fats. A study result showed that when individuals ate an apple before their meals they lost 33 percent more weight than compared with individuals who did not eat the apples.

Oatmeal is another power food as it is filled with necessary fiber to help prevent the storing of fats and provides a feeling of fullness, decreasing appetite as well as boosting energy levels. Eating oatmeal before exercising can increase stamina and strength, decrease appetite and help with the elimination of waste.

Raw, organic nuts are great for providing high levels of protein and omega 3 fats, which helps burn fat quicker. They also are a good source of fiber to decrease appetite and assist in elimination.

Fish such as tuna, sardines and salmon cause the body to become more sensitive to the hormone, Leptin. This hormone is responsible for deciding whether to store calories as fat or use calories for energy. These particular fish are also high protein sources for providing a sense of fullness, stimulating metabolism and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

There are certain spices, particularly hot spices such as cayenne pepper, hot peppers, garlic and cinnamon that can increase metabolism, which helps to lose weight fast. Studies have shown that metabolism is sped up for about three hours after ingesting spicy foods. Spices also work as appetite suppressants as they increase levels of epinephrine and non-epinephrine. Garlic also has the additional benefit of working as a powerful diuretic to eliminate excess water and fluid from the body.

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