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A Brief Guide on the Empire Style Furniture

by Toby Davidson (2020-01-18)

1 month agoThe empire style in the interior design and architecture is highly popular these days among the homeowners. Also known as the style of empire, this historic art style was started in France in the early 19th century. This style is marked as the symbol of the empire might of Napoleon or it can be said that Napoleon's era becomes the major part in the empire style.

During the Empire style epoch, Mahogany made furniture had obtained a huge popularity. The basic elements of this style were derived from the antique art. The artistic vision of empire style with the huge monumental and lapidary forms along with the rich decoration, imitation of the artistic forms of ancient Greece, Roman Empire and Egypt and the presence of military symbolism was mainly called to embody and mark the idea of the presence of the powerful army.

As the empire style belongs to the king's styles, therefore the empire style furniture is characterized by the theatrical approach in the decoration of architectural constructions. It is possible to differentiate his furniture range by the obligatory presence of different motifs depicting different types of antique sculptures of sphinx, griffins, lion paws and other similar items. As a whole, this furniture style needs a special attentive look because of the ponderous, solid and architectonic look and feel. Besides, this style also prefers stricter compositions of linear ornaments and display laurel garlands, geometrical Greek ornaments and a wreath of flowers, which is known as the favorite of ancient Roman home decor. Black and golden colors were the major for this type of furniture and the major furniture pieces were chairs with a statue like stands and columns and armchairs.

Now let's have a look at some details of this empire style furniture:

The empire style furniture is a mix of simple and clean lines along with carefully added ornamentation. In case of the empire style chairs, both the lines and curves are really delicate in both the proportion and the weight. In some cases, the curved legs of the Greek klimos chair are also used in these chairs, where the feet are clawed and the front legs turn outward, 오션파라다이스 resembling the animal paws.

Contrary to the functional yet delicately formed empire style chairs, the tables are weightier and sturdier in appearance. The tabletops rest on the singular columns, which are supported by four or three outstretched legs. The legs of the tables terminate in curves simply to a rounded end or claw feet. On the other hand, in case of the drop-leaf table, the tabletop is sectioned and the sides are hinged so that the tables can be folded down, which is a common feature of the empire style furniture.

In most of the cases, ornamentation is added to the furniture in order to make the appearance of this furniture decorative onto functional. The motifs like emblems and lyres make up some decorative elements in the chair backs or on the chests. The common motifs are eagles, bees, pyramids and swans.

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