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Porsche Taycan meets the Tesla Model S P100D on the drag strip - Roadshow

by Ahmad Stoker (2020-01-18)

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> It's easy to compare things on paper, but often real-world results reveal a different story. That's why comparison tests exist in the real world, so we can do our best to showcase what makes a car tick and how it performs compared with a rival.

And there may not be a more anticipated comparison in recent times than the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan. German television show Auto Mobil (full episode at the link) gathered both cars and decided to see how they handle themselves at a drag strip and 토렌트 사이트 through a standard slalom course.

A couple of things to point out here, however. Firstly, tires make a huge difference to performance. We can't say for certain what kind of shoes either car was wearing, which could affect the final results. Secondly, it appears the German show tested an older Model S P100D, not the car currently for sale from Tesla. The latest Model S P100D, which we tested earlier this year, packs suspension updates and new electric motors.