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OnePlus TV will run ‘optimized' Android TV software

by Ignacio Eady (2020-01-21) c-gray-1" >Following the news that OnePlus will release its first TV this September in India, company CEO Pete Lau has shared additional information about the platform in an interview with Gadgets 360. Most notably, thanks to a partnership with Amazon, he said the OnePlus TV would cost less than competing sets from Samsung and Sony, but warned it wouldn't be "half" as much. He didn't detail what the company's partnership with Amazon entails. However, one possibility is that OnePlus TVs will come with Amazon apps such as Prime Video pre-installed.

Throughout the interview, Samsung and Sony were frequent touchpoints for the executive, with Lau noting, "We want to benchmark the image and sound quality against the most premium quality products currently available in the market..." Notably, Lau didn't mention LG in his image quality comparison, likely due to the fact the OnePlus TV sets will feature QLED panels. LG's high-end OLED TVs are currently the highwater mark when it comes to TV image quality. However, they cost significantly more than their QLED counterparts.

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