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The Walking Dead Comic Volume 1-2 Series 5 and 6 Overview!

by Keri Burchett (2020-01-23)

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A quick recap after what happened in issue 4, Rick and Glenn barely escaped alive after doing a run into town for weapons.

Their plan to cover themselves in zombie crud to alter their natural human spell backfired completely.

It started to rain and it began to wash away.

Thankfully, they made it out unharmed and with all the weapons in tacked.

Next day after arriving back to the camp, they gather up and have some shooting practice.

Out of them all, Andrea has the best skills for shooting and Carl surprisingly takes 2nd place for accuracy (at 7 years old.)

Although Lori is pissed that Carl get's to carry a pistol in his holster everywhere, it has to be done.

Rick, Shane and Dale decide to go into the woods to grab some firewood to cook their fresh meals.

A quick reminder by Rick that it's getting cold gave Shane the frustrated feeling and made him explode for a few seconds refusing to move no matter what, assuming everything would be fine.

Later that evening, everyone was around the fire eating their meals and all was well..

Amy decided to hit the RV and use the restroom and all of a sudden, a walker appeared out of nowhere.

She tried to get away but there was no hope.

She was bit!

Everyone panicked and 19 웹툰 추천 fleed for shelter, hoping to scathe unharmed.

The zombies started to appear in groups and it went from one to 5 instantly.

Dale shoots one, Rick shoots one and Carl saves his Lori by shooting one from almost getting her.

Fatality number two comes after Jim get's attacked by a zombie while everyone was fighting others off.

He managed to kill it but not without getting his arm bit.

The following day, Rick, Carl and Shane head off into the woods to hunt for their next meal.

A heated debate on "they should of left or non of what happened earlier would of happened".

This starteled Carl and he ran off.

After grabing Carl and getting back into the camp, they properly burried Amy.

Jim's condition was getting worse and with every minute he was slipping further and further into the zombie stage.

He finally decides that he no longer want's to live and want's the team to tie him up to a tree and leave him behind.

All are not sure if this would be the best choice and if it's really something that Jim "wants".

However, his choice was final.

He was left alone and it's the end for Jim.

Back at the camp, the group was getting ready to go for another round of hunting until Rick mentioned that he wanted to "talk" about what heppened last time between them.

A fight broke out between them two and they both parted ways.

Rick went after Shane to talk some sense into him, but Shane was out of his mind and jealous that Lori was not his .

If it was not for Rick, his life would have been perfect.

He wasn't going to settle for how his life is right now, so it had to end one way.


Before getting a chance to shoot Rick, Carl shot Shane in the neck and killed him.

Shane is now dead.

(A quick recap on what heppened between Shane and Lori before Rick came into the group)

Shane wanted to be with Lori for some time, Lori gave up hope that Rick was still alive and seeked out comfort.

Shane was there and could deliver, so they made love.

After his death, Lori took it the hardest.

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