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Hydromax Bathmate Pump

by Shirley Hildebrant (2018-10-18)

Right away, we can tell the X-Series needed a substantial quantity of power when compared to original (BathMate). That may or might not be great news for everyone. Much like the BathMate coupon code, it sports an open/close flap on the top which accommodates and controls the suction within the see-through chamber. This moment, the room could be ordered in the colors red, white, or blue, and because, obviously, big dicks are also patriotic.

Also like the other goods in the HydroMax lineup, even the X-Series includes an optional gauge measurer along the side of the room. It has the same gator design as well -- that tube sock-looking mechanism at the bottom that takes up way too much space if you inquire. We've found penis pumps built , but then again, these fancy-looking bastards did not do exactly what they were supposed to do either. If we have learned anything in all the shit we have fucked it is that you can not judge a book by its cover.

That's one thing we could say about the X-Series: '' It damn certain functions even if it resembles a child's bicycle pump from the'80s. However, we'll acknowledge that the results come on somewhat slowly in comparison to this FleshPump or even the medical-grade Penomet, however what would you expect? One is the top dog and the other is used by doctors. Yet again, in spite of the new Bellows system, the HydroMax lineup fits closely in the centre like a bloated hotdog at a toasted bun. Yum!

What comes at the Bathmate Hydromax Box?

Speaking of things packed into tight areas, the box including the HydroMax X-Series penis pump was full of... nothing but the bare essentials. We sort of enjoyed that. Enough with all the overselling and oversupplying already! We've got more"free trials" than we all know what to do with. Inside the box was only the following items; no more, no less

The HydroMax X-Series manhood pump (from the size and color of your choosing).
A detachable soft-touch comfort pad.
A new flyer advertising the other goods within their lineup.
A very simple instruction guide for bath and/or shower usage.

The Way It Measures Up

In comparison to other organ pumps which use water stress to stimulate cellular development, the HydroMax Bathmate is fairly standard, although the grade of the manufacturing is definitely greater than what we are utilised to. It's durable and stiff in building, giving a robust and sturdy guard around your crap. The relaxation pads are legit too and, if used properly, offer a tighter seal from the body that further increases the ability of the suction system.