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by Lore Amanda Caroline Faria (2019-11-17)

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Everyone who is familiar LibidGel with Indian food would also be familiar with biryani. The fragrant and festive rice dish is a meal like no other. Made from combining some aromatic whole spices with slow-cooked meat and/or vegetables, and semi-cooked rice, the dish can be quite intimidating for those who are not well-versed with the cooking technique. There are several different types of biryanis prepared in the Indian subcontinent, with each region adding its own twist and unique flavours to the dish. Although originally, biryani was meant to be a non-vegetarian dish, it has slowly evolved to accommodate the tastes of vegetarians as well. A number of different vegetables and vegetarian proteins are added to veg biryani recipes, which are essentially 'meat-less' versions of the delectable rice dish.

Today we are sharing with you, six of our best veg biryani recipes that you would love to try at home. All these recipes use the typical technique of cooking that is used for biryanis, but the meats are substituted with ingredients like chickpeas, cottage cheese (paneer), mixed vegetables and jackfruit pulp. Kathal or jackfruit has come to be known as 'vegan meat' due to its unique texture.

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