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by Asd fg (2020-02-28)

In response to Bunyi Pasal 1 UUD 1945

Anata - L'Arc~en~Ciel

This tune is sound acceptable!

I could feel that Hyde sings this tune with everything that is in him and the band plays well.

Cause me To recall him...

Gosto de L'arc en ciel, banda de música lawful. De Renata Ishibe do Brasil

Ikimono Gakari - Sakura

Can't comprehend why it's not the best melody?

Why its not in initial 10

I love this tune must. This melody ought to be number 1! Ikimono Gakari's tunes are extremely extraordinary!

Love this melody and Ikimono's Blue Bird

Overwhelming Rotation - AKB48

Hello this melody can brighten you up!

I am absolutely enamored with this melody! ♥


Shudder - The Gazette



I vote this melody

This melody is totaly shaking'.


The GazettE is the Awesome!

Lotus - Dir En Gray

Dir en Gray's most powerful melody. I love it, its exceptional, delightful verses and astounding instruments. Its a major advance for Dir en Gray. - Buddha

This is the incredible tune... Never exhausted to listen it... I love dir en dim >. < and the entirety of melody

download japanese song - Kill My Love - X Japan

Reason me? I'm a "youth" (I'm 15, so... Sufficiently youthful) and I love this melody. It's exceptionally inconsiderate of you to sum up every single youngsters. Few out of every odd adolescent young lady is enamored with Justin Bieber (Like me, likewise the majority of my companions detest his music)... The vast majority don't have the foggiest idea about that youngsters do have a decent taste of music and this is from their best melodies (I like Orgasm the best, my first and most loved X Japan tune). Well I'm sorry the youths you've met don't know music and you sound like an elderly person.

I truly love this tune, I recollect the past.

Relatively few youths will apreciate this superb tune

Man-made intelligence no Katachi - Shunsuke Kiyokiba

I love every one of his tunes they are so astonishing

Generally vigorous, rapture, and incredible tune

I love AKB48