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What Everybody Else Does When It Comes To Weight Loss Diet And What You Should Do Different

by Brigette Wells (2019-06-12)

The main way I lose is through dieting. I'm strict about my weight in order to be lean. My diet consists of mostly meat, and I eat a lot of sugar, so it's got a strong impact on my health if I'm not eating enough vegetables, fruits, and protein.

My eating pattern starts small, but gradually I find I'm eating more carbohydrates with the amount of fat I've gained. I am careful not to have too much carbohydrates and not too little, and I always eat between eight and 12 carbs per day. My ideal carb intake is three grams per pound of bodyweight, with about eight grams of fat and a little less protein with a goal of six grams per pound. If I'm going to go on a diet, I'll do it at my doctor's recommendations, if not my own.

A little protein and carbs helps get the metabolism going faster.

I eat about 600 grams of carbs with each meal, for example, which seems like a lot to me, but I know if you eat a lot, there's the chance you'll gain weight. After I've eaten this number, I'll eat another eight or ten grams of carbs each day, and that's how much weight I gain from eating this amount of carbs.

So you're eating the right amount of carbs for you.

Yes… I do get a lot of carbs from my potatoes, or my protein bar, and that's good. I'm also pretty good at keeping track of what carbohydrates I'm eating and how much protein and sugar I'm consuming, because those are the types of things you do before a good meal, at a meal. I tend to drink lots of milk to help me keep track of my carb intake, so that helps me keep track of carbs in the diet while the calories are eating through my system.

I've lost a ton of weight doing this. The reason why I've lost weight loss ( is through the combination of dieting the right amount of carbohydrates, eating better, and keeping track of my weight. And also because I like my body.

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